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We have a large selection of varied finger food … and it’s all delicious.
If you’re finding the choice difficult, we would be more than happy to advise you.


Small onion market cake with creme fraiche and pink pepper

White sausage salad with pretz’ncroutons, red onions and sweet mustard marinade

Homemade Obatzda with chives and radish (Bavarian cheese dish)

Baked curd cheese dumplings with plum roaster and vanilla cream

Wrap with colourful roasted vegetables and romesco sauce

Steckerlfischmousse – Smoked trout mousse with sweet and hot cucumber salad

Profiteroles with chorizo, goat cream cheese and rocket

Power-Wrap with sprouts, pea cream, chlorella and tomato tofu


oven-fresh country bread from the Hofpfister bakery – with


Bavarian Obadzda with red onion (Bavarian cheese dish)

Tyrolean ham with gherkins and horseradish

Cream cheese with cucumber and tomato

Brie and fig mustard

Mountain salami, egg and cucumber

Trout mousse with horseradish and lemon

Boiled ham, tomato and lemon remoulade

Allgäu Emmental with paprika pesto

Egg salad with parsley


French Baguette – with


Roast beef and green pepper remoulade

Brie and walnuts (vegetarian)

Norwegian smoked salmon, dill mustard and horseradish

Parma ham and melon tartare

Organic mountain cheese and red grapes (vegetarian)

Milan salami and cherry tomato

Roquefort and pear fans (vegetarian)

Goat cream cheese, roasted zucchini and herbs (vegetarian)

Mozzarella and cherry tomato (vegetarian)

Egg, anchovy and caviar

Gorgonzola- mascarpone pear fans (vegetarian)

Sheep’s cheese, olives (vegetarian)

Cream cheese, herbs and olives (vegetarian)

Black forest ham, cornichons


Small Berlin boulette with majoran and fig mustard

Pulled Pork Berlin style – plucked pork knuckle on coleslaw

Matjes häckerle on brown bread

Small curry sausages with mini rolls

Spreewald gherkin and Kassler

Berlin air with raspberry pulp


Classico – with tomato-basil sugo (vegan)

Monkfish tartar and lime

Parsley – mushroom pesto (vegan)

Peperonata from three kinds of peppers (vegan)

Grilled eggplant and tomato salsa (vegan)


Small cucumber sandwich with lemon butter

Savoy’s club sandwich

Indian hot and spicy club sandwich

Eton Mess with oat cookies (vegetarian)

Chocolate souffle in glass with port wine (vegetarian)

Homemade scones – orange jam


King prawns on skewers with lemongrass jam

Cubes of tandoori salmon with coconut

Hot summer roll with fresh vegetables and glass noodles (vegan)

Coconut meatballs on tomato-mango salsa

Marinated duck strips with spiced orange marmalade

Poularde breast with Thai basil and mango

Sate skewers with chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian


Piccata Milanese from poularde with tomato dip on a skewer

Baked cubes of feta cheese with paprika pesto (vegetarian)

Mini Frittata with mushrooms, herbs and parmesan (vegetarian)

Mini Frittata with Parma ham and black salsify (vegetarian)

Goat’s bread, walnut and fig in a bowl

Lemon chicken on skewers

Papas arrugadas with mojo verde (vegan)


Pecorino, tomato and rocket (vegetarian)

Milanese salami and olive tapenade

Parma ham and melon

Cream of tuna and red onion

Ricotta and dried tomatoes (vegetarian)


Smoked turkey breast and cream cheese

Salmon with horseradish cream and cress

Chorizo, apple and sprouts

Avocado, radicchio and sour cream (vegetarian)

Avocado, radicchio and soy sour cream (vegan)

Spinach, cherry tomato and gorgonzola (vegetarian)

Black beans, tomato and fresh coriander (vegan)


Mozzarella skewer with cherry tomato and pesto

Mini Wiener Schnitzel of veal on a dollop of potato salad

Vegetable skewers with grilled Haloumi cheese and olives (vegetarian)

Melon and Parma ham on skewers

Mini Tramezzini with crayfish cocktail and avocado

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Legumes (vegetarian)

Spinach tart with melted tomatoes (vegetarian)

Zucchini rolls with goat cheese and red pepper (vegetarian)

Zucchini rolls with hazelnut filling (vegan)

Vitello Tonato

Pecorino cheese and dried tomato (vegetarian)

Saltimbocca rolls with sage and Parma ham

Poularde rolls with red wine plum

Boulette with marjoram and fig mustard

Zucchini rolls with goat cheese and tarragon (vegetarian)

Chorizo and giant olives on skewers

Salmon, beetroot and horseradish on pumpernickel

Roast beef rolled with parsley, crème fraiche and cornichon


Viennese fried chicken with lemon-strawberry dip

Mini Wiener Schnitzel of veal on a dollop of potato salad

Boulette with marjoram and fig mustard

Allgäu Emmental and grapes (vegetarian)

Chicken thighs with a honey and thyme crust

Zander in pretzel crumbs on dill-cucumber dip


Boulette with marjoram and fig mustard

Small Köfte with mint yoghurt dip

Coconut meatballs with tomato mango salsa

Lamb boulette with coriander

Sicilian meatballs with dried tomato and paprika dip

Veal boulette with Dijon mustard


Salad of red and beluga lentils with parsley and feta

Bavarian potato salad with cucumber (vegan)

Salad of date tomatoes with basil vinaigrette (vegan)

Mediterranean pasta salad with sliced parmesan and dried tomato

Beetroot with fresh horseradish and balsamic (vegan)

Red lentils with coriander, coconut milk and spicy mango (vegan)

Avocado with chickpeas and lime (vegan)

Grated carrots and glass noodles in coconut milk dressing (vegetarian)

Italian bread salad with rocket salad and mozzarella (vegetarian)


Lime tiramisu

Raspberry tiramisu

Classic tiramisu

Black forest cherry gateau in a glass

Malakofftarte in a glass

Duet of white and dark chocolate mousse

Mousse au citron

Strawberry skewers with white and dark chocolate (vegan) (seasonal)

Fruit skewers with white and dark chocolate (vegan)

Creme Baveroise with Williams pear

Crema di Cantuccini con chocolata

Fruit tart with vanilla cream

Chocolate soufflé

Tarte au chocolat with Cointreau

Tarte au citron

Tarte tatin

  • From 20 – 200 Pieces
  • 3,00 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.
  • 201 – 500 Pieces
  • 2,60 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.
  • From 501 Pieces
  • 2,30 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.
  • From 20 – 200 Pieces
  • 3,00 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.
  • 201 – 500 Pieces
  • 2,60 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.
  • From 501 Pieces
  • 2,30 per Piece
  • (as of January 2020) plus 19% VAT.